About Jamie
“Magic, madam, is like wine and, if you are not used to it, it will make you drunk.”

Hi, I’m Jamie, a Close-Up Magician with over 10 years experience in the entertainment industry. Magic has always been a huge passion of mine since I was a child mainly brought on by my Great Grandfather who was part of the Huddersfield Magic Circle for a number of years.

I set it upon myself to continue his legacy and take my performance out on the road and now having performed at hundreds of events across Yorkshire it’s something that I would not change for the world.

Magic is an art form that connects people and brings them together. To make someone question their own existence by acquiring such a skillset is something I never thought I would achieve. The reactions and puzzling expressions on the faces of the guests at my events are a constant reminder of how much I love the industry.


Table Magician in Yorkshire | Jamie Gough

Hiring me for your next event is sure to generate the buzz and wow factor that it needs and makes you look like the best event planner in the UK. If you have an event coming up that could do with some top tier magic then please get in touch today.

I look forward to working with you!

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