Which type of magician is the best for wedding entertainment?

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One of the most asked questions in the wedding industry is which type of magic is best suited to my wedding? This post will talk you through all of the different types of magic out there and how to make sure you select the correct style based on the overall theme of your wedding. Happy reading!

Styles of Wedding Magic

There are a number of magicians out there who all have their personal performance styles which can be a crucial point when planning your wedding. From grand stage illusions to small intimate performances, it can be difficult to know which one will fit best and give you and your guests the most entertainment. 

Stage Magic

Stage magic is performed on a stage set up in the venue and will have a start and finish time during your wedding day. You must ensure that the stage is set beforehand and the audience has a suitable place to sit when the performance is about to start. I personally find that this type of magic is the least popular when it comes to weddings for a number of reasons. The first being the organisation part of it. It is very difficult to get all of your guests to sit and watch a show during your wedding as many of them have found their feet in their own individual groups and are often scattered like this around different areas at your wedding venue. To get everyone back inside to watch a 30 minute magic show will prove a difficult task and is another element that could cause delays in the running of your day. You do get that wow factor with a grand show involving your guests, but the necessary planning is needed to pull it off.

Mind Reading and Hypnotist Magic

If you have a mysterious wedding theme that a magician that specialises in Mind Reading and Hypnotism would be a good suit for you and your guests. It is a risky move booking a magician with this particular style and it is not everyone’s cup of tea and you may find that some guests may not want to participate. Hypnotists again often need a stage with seating which could cause disruptions, but is guaranteed to get everyone laughing and having a great time.

Close Up and Table Magic

By far the most popular type of wedding magic on the market and in my opinion the best style is a magician that specialises in Close Up and Table Magic. By booking a magician with this style your guests will get a 10-20 minute intimate performance from the magician that happens right in their hands or on the table in front of them. The illusions aren’t as grand as stage illusions, but 100% still as effective. A Close Up Magician works in the background of your wedding day and the overall running of the day is not jeopardised. Whether you book a close up magician during the drinks reception, wedding breakfast or evening function, they can adapt to any situation and work with the location that they have. Because of those reasons, a Close Up and Table magician is an intelligent choice when booking wedding entertainment.  

Childrens Entertainer

If you have a lot of children attending your wedding and want to keep them entertained instead of running around creating mischief then booking a children’s entertainer is a great choice. Kiddie magic, balloon animals and comedy are just a few of the great features of a children’s magician. The only downside to magician that specialises in Children’s Magic is that their act is very specialised and catered towards youngsters. If you can find someone that can entertain both adults and children then you are on to a winner, otherwise the majority of your guests won’t feel the benefit other than having their kids occupied.

So as you can see, there are a number of magicians that specialise in many a lot of different skills. Choosing the right one for your wedding day is nothing more than a personal choice as to how you want to enhance your wedding day. I have offered my opinion on all of the styles to hopefully give you a better insight into our art form and help you in making the ultimate choice.