Should I Book A Magician for My Wedding Day?

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Should I Book A Magician?I am here to answer the questions on all you newly-engaged couples about magicians and their roles on your wedding day. Should you book a magician on your wedding day? Of course you should! Let me tell you the benefits that it will bring you as well as the amazing entertainment for your guests.

What does a magician bring to a wedding?

So firstly, what does a magician bring to your wedding day? Not literally of course, otherwise the answer would be playing cards, coins, rabbits and top hats. Magic is by far the best way to entertain your guests and is also an excellent icebreaker for everyone in attendance. A magician with experience in the industry such as myself provides you and your guests with showstopping illusions. Your wedding day is a time in which your family and friends come together and perhaps do not know each other. By hiring a magician you are giving them something to talk about and kickstart the conversation between them. The atmosphere is magical and entertaining surrounded by the joy and laughter of your closest people.

What should you know before booking a wedding magician?

Let me guess, it’s your first time booking a magician and potentially the first time even talking to one? We are human and are the same as every other entertainment act in the business. You should expect the magician to be of assistance and work very closely with you right up to when they finish their performance on your wedding day. The magician should be able to collect all of the relevant details from you about the wedding and be able to recommend performance times and styles for your day. I have my favourite performance times together on my wedding magician page which you can read here if you need some more information. I would highly recommend reading previous brides reviews, looking at the magicians website and giving them a call before booking them. This will help you tremendously with the booking process and also give you total peace of mind when hiring.

What should you look for in a magician?

When hiring a magician, it is very important to know what you are looking for when it comes to their qualities and characteristics. I would always recommend meeting them for a coffee before the wedding day to get to know them. This way you can see if they’re the right person for you and also get to witness some of their skills. The main thing to need to ensure is that the magician knows how to provide a top quality service whilst maximising entertainment. I want to make sure you get the best value for money and also the best quality magic that you can get. Learning how to interact and build up a reputation with all of the guests is something that I have worked on and built naturally whilst performing over the years. Charisma, charm and banter are not taught, they merely come with confidence in what you do and experience.

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