Jamie Gough | Close-Up Party Magician in West Yorkshire


Are you hosting a celebration and looking for some top class entertainment for you and your guests? Yorkshire Magician Jamie Gough is on hand to make your event one of a kind as one of the best Party Magicians in the UK.

"Parties are the nightly ritual of the sophisticated society. "
Dominick Dunne
American writer

Close-Up Magicians For Parties

A close up magician is the perfect addition to any birthday party, large event, corporate event and charity dinners. Jamie works very closely with all of the guests attending the party moving table to table entertaining guests on the move.  Combining both amazing magic and a humorous personality, Jamie works well in any party environment!  Jamie has performed at small and personal birthday parties of all ages and also charity events raising money for some fantastic charities in the UK.

Close-Up Magic is the best form of entertainment for any party scenario. Jamie has tailored his routine to adapt to all types of party events. He has a diverse range of effects that can cater for children or your great aunt Barbara so you are in good hands.

Imagine seeing a miracle happen right in your hands surrounded by your friends and family. It is this scenario that makes magic one of the best art forms on the planet. if you are considering booking a magician and want to see some fantastic reviews from Jamies clients then take a look here.

Jamie has a unique and different approach when it comes to his performance. His quick-witted personality combined with this faultless sleight of hand makes his one of the most in-demand Party Magicians in West Yorkshire.

When To Book A Party Magician

House Parties

Jamie has been invited to a few homes in the past to perform magic for smaller and more personal groups of guests.  The art of close-up magic can be adapted to these types of events and does work extremely well will a seated group of people or standing around with a toast drink!. 

Dinner Parties

Close-Up and Table Magic works so well in a formal dinner party situation. Whether there are groups of people sat around dinner tables in groups of 10 or 12 or simply spread throughout the room during the reception drink, magic is always the perfect addition for this. Jamies carefully selected performance also allows for him to perform magic inbetween and after courses.


If you are thinking of organising a party to celebrate your anniversary then a magician is the perfect addition to your celebrations. All of your guests are guaranteed to be blown away by illusions performed in their very hands. Jamie has a couple of signature tricks also for special celebrating couple.

Hen Parties

Jamie has performed magic for a number of hen parties. Do you know someone that is getting married and has a hen party coming up? If you do, then please get in contact with Jamie as magic at a hen party is great fun for everyone and is a fantastic talking point for weeks to come.

Christmas Parties

Is it your responsibility this year of organising your Christmas Party for work? If so, Jamie help you create the best party you have ever had. He works personally with each individual guest and for that reason is an extra special touch to any works do. 

School Prom

Jamie has performed for a number of school proms over the years. One of the best audiences when it comes to Close-Up Magic are teenage school leavers. Their reactions are second to none when it comes to hiring a Close-Up Magician for an end of School Year Prom. 

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