Magician At Laurel & Hardy Convention | Midland Hotel | Bradford

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Magician In Yorkshire | Jamie Gough

On the 28th April 2017 I was invited to perform for the conventioneers at the Midland Hotel in Bradford. The convention was over a 3 day period and I was hired to perform magic during the registration process.

It was a fantastic afternoon and I met a number of great people. This was my first time performing at the Midland Hotel so imagine my surprise when the convention was being held across 5 different areas.

It was also my first experience performing magic at a Laurel & Hardy Convention provided by the Sons of the Desert Society. The layout was exceptional with a dedicated film room next to a merchandise room and bar area. All of the conventioneers came in their Fez’ and we all partook in a fabulous celebration of the works of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.

I managed to perform Close-Up and Table Magic to all of those who were there during the registration process and everyone seemed to be loving the magic! It was such a diverse event with guests coming from all over the UK, USA and Germany.

I just want to thank all of those that attended the convention and watched me perform on the Friday afternoon! You all gave me a great reception and created a great atmosphere to kickstart the whole weekend! To receive these comments from Dave (the Grand Shreik) tops the whole day off for me!


Jamie Gough, the Yorkshire Magician, performed his close up magic during the registration afternoon for the 37th UK Sons of the Desert Convention at the Midland Hotel, Bradford. He helped the weekend get underway with smiles & laughter as the conventioneers were amazed by his tricks! – Dave Ballard


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