Magician In Bradford | Jamie Gough

Many companies and people around Bradford have booked Jamie for their parties, events and weddings.  There are many excellent locations to hold events and have a magician around the area.

Jamie has performed at a wedding at The Great Victoria Hotel in Bradford and thoroughly enjoyed the location and the guests! Everyone loved the magic that Jamie performed and he left with all of the guests wanting more. It is such a fantastic art form and to fully appreciate the effects that it has on your special day then you need to book Jamie.

Depending on the type of event that you book Jamie for he has a range of signature effects that are perfect for every location and event. Jamie is bringing magic forward into the 21st century with his modern and contemporary style of magic that all happens in the spectators hands leaving them in astonishment.

Wedding Magician Bradford

There are lots of amazing venues in Bradford that would be ideal for a magician like Jamie. There are a number of points during the wedding day that makes a magician ideal. If you would like to know more about the wedding services that Jamie offers then you can visit his wedding page here

Party Magician Bradford

If you are hosting your anniversary party, need an entertainer for you or your childs party or have a Hen party arranged… Jamie is available to perform at all of these events and has had a lot of experience of performing at these in the past. For more information on the Party Services that he offers then please visit his page here

For more information Call Jamie on 07909114030 or email him at

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