Magician In Barnsley | Jamie Gough

Do you have an event coming up in Barnsley and are looking for a magician to make it that much more special and unique? Yorkshire born Jamie Gough has been performing magic around the Barnsley area for over 4 years.

Close-Up and Table Magic is the perfect addition to any event as it makes the guests feel more comfortable and able to interact with everyone. If there is a particular ‘lull’ in your event such as photographs or a reception drink then a magician during this period works perfectly.

Jamie has brought magic forward into the 21st century with modern and contemporary illusions that astound guests as most of it happens in their hands right under their nose.

Wedding Magician In Barnsley

Jamie specialises in Wedding magic and has been performing for brides and grooms all over Yorkshire for the past 4 years. There are many options to consider when booking a magician for your wedding day and you can see them all here on my wedding page.

Party Magician Barnsley

Jamie has also performed at a number of Party events in the Barnsley area including anniversaries, birthdays, childrens parties and hen parties. Jamie has a number of signature effects and illusions that are perfect for all guest types and leave them wanting more. The reactions that Jamie receives when he is performing at parties are second to none and encourages him to better himself and become the best their is in the industry.

To find out more about the different party services that Jamie offers then you can see all of the information you need here on the Party Services page.

For more information Call Jamie on 07909114030 or email him at

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