Average Price for a Wedding Magician

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Average Price for a Wedding Magician

It’s a given fact that most people who come into contact with a magician simply want to know the average price and how much they would charge to perform at their wedding, party, etc. It is a fair enough question to ask as people that are not in the industry have no idea how much they charge. Hopefully this post will clear everything up so you can be sure that you are not only booking the right magician, but also not being ripped off!

The vast majority of magicians will not showcase their price list on their website for a number of reasons.

  • Hiring a magician is a personal thing and you want to establish contact with the magician and get to know them before you make that commitment into having them be part of your special occasion.  Taking that personal touch away simply by putting your prices online is a bad move!
  • If a magician has a set price list then there is something wrong! Every event is different and the prices reflect that. It could be a wedding for 300 guests that is 50 miles away or it could be a birthday party for 30 guests on your doorstep. You simply would not charge the same for these two events. There are too many things to consider to have a set price list.

What Magicians Consider When Pricing

So when you make your enquiry with a magician there are a number of things that they have to consider when they put your quote together.  Personally, it depends on three key points for me that I base my quotes on. Firstly, the time of year that the event is being held. A wedding in the height of summer is going to be more expensive that a wedding in February. The next factor is the day of the week that the event is taking place. A Saturday evening is going to be more expensive than a Tuesday afternoon. Finally, the location of the venue. We have to cover our travel costs as sometimes we can be travelling 100 miles to and from a booking so we need to absorb some of the booking fee into the travel.

How much does it cost to hire a magician for a wedding?

So what cost should you expect a magician to give you? The majority of professional magicians that have been doing it for a long time and have become an established performer could be anywhere between £250 – £1000 per booking. Magicians that have made a television appearance may charge you more!

To summarize, wedding magician prices do vary massively depending on skill level, professionalism, character and most importantly the wow factor. As long as you choose a magician that knows the run of your wedding day and know how everything works then they are sure to add that special element and value to your occasion.

If you would like a quote putting together for me to come and perform at your event then please visit my Contact Page and fill out the form. (Get your bookings in early as your date may not be available… magicians tend to take bookings up to 2 years in advance!)

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