5 Things to Consider When Booking a Magician

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It is always a daunting experience choosing your wedding entertainment. You want your big day to be perfect and to run as smoothly as possible. For that to happen you need to have a team of experienced wedding suppliers and performers on-board and knowing the right ones can be a difficult task. I have composed this post to not only assist you in finding those hidden stars of the wedding world, but also things to consider when looking for a magician to be part of your wedding day.

5 Things to Consider When Booking A Magician


The first and probably the most important point I am going to make is how good actually is the magician. With the help of Wix and WordPress it is very easy to build yourself a website and advertise yourself as a magician, but there are so many unanswered questions. They may be at the top of Google by knowing a bit about websites, but are they any good? Have they performed at weddings before? Do they have any verified reviews about their performances? Are they willing to meet you beforehand? All of these questions you need be asking them in confidence before you choose to book them. I know so many brides that have contacted me 1 month before their wedding asking for a favour as their booked magician has let them down last minute and kept their deposit. Please please please don’t be that bride. Your wedding day is stressful as it is without running around trying to find last minute entertainment.

5 Things to Consider When Booking A Magician


An experienced magician should have a certain amount of professionalism straight from the initial contact right through to saying their goodbyes on your wedding day. Make a note of how they treat you from your initial enquiry. To add to this, if you do decide to book them they should be providing you with invoices, remaining balance emails, contact details etc. A magician with a certain amount of professionalism will answer all of the questions you have, give you a demonstration of their work before booking and respond to your phone calls/emails promptly and efficiently. If they don’t do any of the above, then they probably just do it as a hobby and not at professional events.

5 Things to Consider When Booking A Magician

Work Experience

If you stumble upon a website full of literature and no picture evidence of them having performed anywhere then they most likely will not have done any professional gigs. They should have a portfolio of their work as most magicians work directly with the wedding photographer and get some amazing shots of them in action. If their website has a line that says ‘I’ve performed with top stars such as Matt Damon and Prince Charles, you should expect them to have posted evidence rather than just text.

5 Things to Consider When Booking A Magician


Often a difficult one to gauge, but does reveal a lot about the magician is the cost they want to charge you. There is no set cost for a magician as there are a number of influencing factors such as location, time of the year and how long you want to book them for. At the lower end of the scale, you will get perhaps a teenager who has just started out in the industry that has learnt a few tricks from a magic set and wants to take it out in the wedding world for around £50.00. Now, I am not saying for a moment that they won’t be any good, but you should expect to be paying a few hundred pounds for a couple of hours from a professional that has been in the industry a while. Flip to the other end of the scale and there are some magicians that have appeared on TV that want to charge you a few thousand for a couple of hours. When you are submitting your request to a magician, make sure that you give them as much information as possible so that they can give you an accurate quotation.

5 Things to Consider When Booking A Magician

Magic Style

What sort of style does the magician you are looking at perform? The most common type of performance for a magician is known as Close-Up or Table Magic. This involves walking round the tables either during the drinks reception or the wedding breakfast and performing to small intimate groups of people. If you have children attending your wedding then perhaps enquire if they do any magic for the children as they can get a bit bored from time to time. Also another big question you should ask about is their performance style. Are they a funny and quirky magician or are they very dark and specialise in mysterious mind reading magic. If his fits within the theme or your wedding day then I encourage you to book someone like this. From my personal experience from performing, people are out to have a laugh and a good time.

I know I am bias, but hiring a wedding magician is a fantastic addition to your day. They specialise in breaking the ice between your guests and also get them talking and laughing straight from the first minute of their performance. At only a few hundred pounds they easily affordable in the grand scheme of things and have a tremendous impact on the overall running of your wedding day. Not only that, your wedding photo album will be a hundred times better and that’s free! Follow the tips above and you are sure to book someone that will bring that extra special buzz to your day.

If you need any assistance with the planning of your wedding then check our my other blog posts or please drop me a message and I will be happy to help.

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