5 Entertainment Tips For a Stress Free Wedding

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I want to begin by saying that you are not alone if you are becoming stressed and a somewhat chaotic individual about your upcoming wedding day. You want to ensure everything is perfect and that you and your guests are having a fantastic time. With my 5 entertainment tips, I guarantee that it will take a lot of the itinerary panicking and guest accommodation out of the way. Let’s go!


Stress Free Surrounding

The best advice I can give you not only for your wedding day, but also in every day life is to surround yourself by stress free and calm people. In doing this you are talking to people with a calmer outlook which does transfer over to you. Talk to people such as myself about your wedding day and we will do our best in guiding you through the entire day from start to finish. It is important that you meet up with some professionals in the industry. After many weddings over the years we build up a portfolio of tips and tricks to help you organise your wedding day which will make it 100% easier to get the planning right.

Stress Free | 5 Entertainment Tips for a Stress Free Wedding
Wedding Entertainment | 5 Entertainment Tips for a Stress Free Wedding

Wedding Guest Entertainment

Obviously I am going to say this being a Wedding Magician, but please don’t just take my word for it. Bored guests at a wedding are very difficult to please and can become quite frustrated if they’re just sat there with not much going on. There are a couple of lulls on your wedding day that are simply unavoidable. One being the drinks reception and the other being before the evening function. Filling this time with a Magician or a caricaturist is a very smart move on your part and will keep your guests entertained for the full 2/3 hour period. Hiring some wedding entertainment does also signal to your guests that you are thinking about them and want a fantastic day for them also.

Hire a Toastmaster

Although the idea may seem quite daunting at first, hiring a toastmaster to oversee the day is a great option to get rid of all the stress that you may have on your actual wedding day. A toastmaster will ensure that the entire day runs smoothly and efficiently. With a toastmaster by your side, you can put your feet up and know for certain that your perfect day is in the safest hands.

Hire A Toastmaster | 5 Entertainment Tips for a Stress Free Wedding
Photobooth | 5 Entertainment Tips for a Stress Free Wedding

Evening Photo Booth

There is nothing better than looking back at the photographs from your wedding day. In order to cherish those memories forever and see some amazing pictures of your guests, I would highly recommend a photo booth. Being in a number of these over the years, they are really fun and do keep guests entertained! If you have any children attending then this also acts as an excellent distraction for them. If you are thinking about hiring all of these extras for your wedding day, please take my advice and hire a professional. The last thing to want is having them not contact you for a year, turning up late and being more of a nuisance than a help.

Have Fun!

It goes without saying, but just have fun and enjoy the experience. Do your absolute best to cherish this wonderful day. You will become stressed as they do take planning, work and careful craft to sculpt the perfect day. It is important not to stress too much about absolute perfection in that it makes you miserable. Appreciate the company of your closest family and friends and celebrate the most important thing… the love between you and your partner.

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